Incorrect Wi-Fi password : dbell SD

After First time app setup if dbell goes offline, most likely Wi-Fi password is incorrectly entered, 90% cases Wi-Fi password is entered incorrectly. To complete the first time app setup, please follow the steps below:

1. Connect LAN cable
2. Re-start dbell by disconnecting and re-connecting power
3. Wait for dbell to start and Welcome you
4. Once status is ‘Online’
5. Select > Setup
6. Select Wi-Fi settings [Manage Wi-Fi on Android]
7. Select your Wi-Fi SSID name from the list
8. When Prompted for Password, please Enter your Wi-Fi password correctly. Make sure to Turn on Show password option by selecting the circle at the right of the password field
9. click ‘Join/Done’
Disconnect LAN cable. dbell will go Offline to connect to your Wi-Fi, it may take up to 1 minutes
dbell status will be ‘online’ only if Wi-Fi password is correct.

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