How to View using PC

Viewing dbell HD live using a PC is easy. In this article it is considered dbell is already installed in your Network. To learn how to setup dbell click here

  • Download ‘dbell PC program’ and Install
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and select your preferred language from the drop down list.
  • Complete the installation by clicking Finish
  • Open pc/device client program
  • For initial setup it is easier if your PC and dbell are on the same Network
  1. Click “Device Set” from the left Menu bar.
  2. Click “Open search tools“.
  3. Click “Search” and select your device from the list.
  4. To add the camera double click the name.
  5. Press OK button [If you haven’t set any password, default password is blank]
  6. Close the pop-up window by clicking x
  7. Drag the dbell camera from lower left menu bar to any of the blank screen to the right. The icon will turn green.
     Once the camera is added it can be viewed from anywhere
     You can add multiple (up to 64) dbell HD Live video doorbells





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