9. How to view dbell HD Live from a Browser

It is easy to view the dbell HD live’s Camera from any Browser(s):

  1. For Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari type the dbell HD lives IP address on the Browser’s address bar with Port number 81. For example, if the IP address of the dbell is, then Type
  2. Enter Credentials: User name: Type user name Password: your admin password for dbell
  3. Select videostream mode(for FireFox / Chrome) and Safari to view dbell.
    If Internet Explorer is your default browser select livestream mode (for Internet Explorer) and follow the prompt

How to find dbell HD Live IP address ?

  1. Open dbell HD Live app
  2. Go to ‘Setup’
  3. Scroll down and Tap ‘Network info’. dbell HD Live IP address will be on the first field including port number


  • Browser compatibility: Microsoft Internet Explorer – View live and Talk to your visitors, Take photos, Record videos, access to advanced settings
  • Google Chrome – View live, Take photos, access to advanced settings
  • Safari/Mozilla Firefox – View live, Take photos, access to advanced settings

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