How to show dbell on Touch screen using RTSP URL

RTSP Source URL Syntax

dbell uses the RTSP real-time video streaming protocol for streaming the video.

How can I find the correct RTSP URL for my dbell?

The format of the RTSP streaming is:

ip_address The server’s IP address
rtsp_port RTSP port number [10554] on which the server is listening for RTSP commands
username Pass the user name to authenticate
password Pass the password as part of the connection string.
server_URL The server’s relative URL

The primary stream is 1280×720, secondary profile 640×360

TCP primary stream:rtsp://username:password@
TCP secondary stream:rtsp://username:password@

Alternatively you may download ONVIF device manager from here. Please do not change ONVIF or RTSP port of dbell in the app
Default RTSP Port is 10554
Default HTTP Port is 10080

Open ONVIF device manager:

  1. Enter dbell HD Live ‘User Name‘: Type the user name
  2. Enter your Password for dbell HD Live
  3. Select dbell
  4. Select ‘Imaging Setting‘ or Live video
  5. RTSP URL will be visible below the video screen

To show dbelll HD Live video on Crestron® TSW Touchscreens, in VisionTools Pro, use the RTSP URL



Once the RTSP URI has been found, verify it with a RTSP network stream compatible player, ex.- VLC media player


For Crestron® TSW touch screen panels, use the RTSP string in the Vision Tools Pro. Compile and upload. dbell camera feed will be visible on the Touch screen. No need to do any SIMPL programming.


Generic Fixed IP Camera driver for Control4 enables you to quickly add any IP camera providing a H.264 stream RTSP URL for viewing on all Control4 navigators including on-screen, touch screens and mobile & PC apps.

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