How to Boost Wi-Fi signal strength with extenders

Wi-Fi speeds could be affected by:

  1. The Quality of the Router
  2. The way your router is setup
  3. Whether there’s nearby interference,
  4. How far apart your devices are from the router
  5. Which channels are being used

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1. The Quality of the Router
If you want to make the most of your Wi-Fi network, you need the right router.
The 10 Best Wireless Routers of 2016 by JOHN R. DELANEY,

2. The way your router is setup
If you own a modern 802.11n router (i.e. if you bought a router in the last couple of years), it likely has some fancy hardware inside that chooses the right channel and modifies the output power to maximize throughput and minimize interference.

3. Whether there’s nearby interference
There are tools that can help you find the clearest channel, such as Vistumbler

4. How far apart your devices are from the router
There are no set standards for the distance between the router and your device. It depends on your routers quality and power. If your property has brick walls (walls do a pretty good job of attenuating (weakening) a signal), or your property is so large that your router cannot simply broadcast a good signal from one end to the other, you may consider using a Wi-Fi extender

Few of the recommended Wi-Fi extenders are:

  • TP-LINK N300 Universal WiFi Range Extender (TL-WA850RE)
  • TP-LINK AC750 Dual-Band WiFi Range Extender (RE200)
  • Linksys N300 Wireless Wi-Fi Range Extender (RE3000W-CA)
  • D-Link Wireless Range Extender (DAP-1320)

There are more expensive and powerful Wi-Fi extenders or Wireless Access Point available in the marketplace.

Wi-Fi extenders look very similar to a Wireless Access Point (WAP) and pick up your Wi-Fi signal and rebroadcast it with renewed strength. The repeater connects to your wireless router as a client Wirelessly and rebroadcasts amplified signal.

For Mac users:

Extending a wireless network – Using multiple Wi-Fi base stations wirelessly to extend the range of an AirPort network over a wider physical area, when the range of a single base station is insufficient.

For details on how to extend your wireless network, Wi-Fi base stations: Extending the range of your wireless network by adding additional Wi-Fi base stations

5. Which channels are being used
If you want maximum throughput and minimal interference, channels 1, 6, and 11 are your best choice — but depending on other wireless networks in your vicinity, one of those channels might be a much better choice than the others.

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