How to setup cloud recording

Visit dbellCloud to setup your cloud account.

Cloud Storage Options
If you decide cloud storage is something you want to integrate into your dbell, there are several different options to consider.

Offsite NVR: You can stream video directly from your dbell HD Live over the internet to an NVR located off-site for video storage. The NVR acts as the server in a cloud (offsite). Alternatively, it is also possible to have 2 NVR’s where one NVR acts as Primary and other NVR acts as the Secondary or cloud storage. Primary NVR is on the same site as the dbell HD live. The secondary NVR taps into video streams from the primary NVR or use the 2nd stream from dbell HD Live for backup of video in real time.

Personal FTP Server: Using free software like FileZilla you can transform your PC or Mac into an FTP server that your dbell HD Live can upload video and/or snapshots to. Video can be uploaded continuously or when activated by motion or sound detection.

Setting up cloud recording from your dbell HD Live video Doorbell to a FTP Server

Replace the FTP server address with your one, and also the port.
Also make sure to add a user with write privileges for the dbell to use to login in, and use that information