How to Setup FTP / Cloud recording on Alerts

How to setup FTP/cloud recording on alerts

First you’ll need access to an FTP server. You can use 3rd party free or paid FTP services or create one yourself using various software out there to do so.

Once you’ve created an ftp server or have access to one, create a username and password on the server that your dbell can use to logon to record/save videos and pictures.

You’ll also need to know the address of the FTP server and the port it’s listening on

Step 1: Open the dbell HD Live app on your smartphone or tablet
Step 2: Tap the Setup icon to the right of whichever doorbell you want recording to the server
Step 3: Tap FTP setting
Step 4: Type in your FTP Server credentials, for example,, Port#21, username and password you created for the dbell
Step 5: Finally select an upload interval, this is how much time(in milliseconds) you want in-between uploads from the dbell, i.e. Every this many milliseconds must pass in-between recorded alerts. We recommend putting 3000 (3s) so as to not have duplicate recordings

Now click Done in the top right corner.

To enable recording on Alarm:

  1. Tap Setup
  2. Tap alarm setting
  3. Tap Motion detection or Sound detection to ‘ON’
  4. Turn on Alarm video
  5. Turn on Upload image on Alarm, set upload pictures count to 1
  6. Press ‘Done’