dbell New app release

dbell has release New dbell app. For any new dbell we strongly recommend to use the new app. For existing users, we also recommend to update to the new app. App download  Android App Download iOS App Download fireTV app download Android TV app download  


$200 Savings for existing dbell customers, organization like School board, any religious institution, Residents Association, Veterans, Security association or any other registered professional association–please signup below or send us an email to deal@dbell.ca for 67% discount link or $200 savings on dbell HD Live purchase only on 21-Feb-2017

Android app update Notice

New Android app with Push Notification is released today. This new update allows Android users to close the dbell app and still receive the call. When Android devices are in sleep mode or the app is not running, Android device will ring. Users are required to accept the push notification […]