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We are born from custom Home Automation industry. Most of our clients home’s are very expensive luxurious home. We design, engineer, install and service Custom Home Automation Systems.

In our custom home design most of the times we had video doorbell which will integrate with the phone systems and centralized video distribution systems. Our video doorbell system would cost $900.00 and up. By the the time we are done with the installation it could cost up to $1,450.00 dollars for a video doorbell. The phone system it would hookup would be brand name phone system costing $10,000.00 or up.

We started to think how can we bring this convenience to everyone? How can we make it affordable to everyone?

The answer is dbell was born. We are in our infancy. If you are with us, we will bring the future to your door. We will bring the most futuristic, modern, elegant affordable video doorbell solution to you at a cost you can afford. No monthly fees, no monitoring charges, no complicated process.

All we need is your encouragement, your support, your suggestions and your guidance. As one of our first client said, “the product has few minor glitch. I am sure they will fix it. If we don’t buy it, if we don’t support it, how can they improve?” She was right, we fixed those minor glitches, we have gone through 7 vital revisions, now you have a solid product.

Are we done yet? No, our journey has began, as long as you are with us, we will continue the journey, to bring the smile on your face. Our happiness relies on your satisfaction.

How about you give us a chance? How about you try our dbell Wi-Fi video doorbell? There is no risk, we will give you full money back, if the product doesn’t work, they way it is specified.

We thank you for visiting us, please leave your valuable comments, help us bring the best technological convenience to your finger tips!

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