Before you buy – 101

Pre-purchase Checklist

We sincerely thank you for your thought of Buying dbell™ smart Wi-Fi video doorbell, one of the smartest Gadget out there. We would love it more if it becomes a great experience. Therefore, we prepared a checklist for your thoughtful consideration prior to purchase:

  • 1. What kind of doorbell currently do you have?
    Is your existing Doorbell just a face-plate with no wires?  Then it is a wireless doorbell. Wireless doorbell with small battery can’t supply power to a doorbell with camera.

Solution => dbell comes with an AC adapter to supply power to the doorbell.  You can use the AC adapter inside your home or garage and extend the power connection to dbell.

  • 2. Is your existing doorbell operational?
    If your existing doorbell is operational, then you can easily replace existing doorbell with dbell. Most Canadian and American home’s doorbell is connected to a low voltage transformer.

If your existing doorbell is not operational, you may consider buying a “Wired doorbell transformer” from your nearest Home improvement store or use the supplied AC adapter. Wired Doorbell Transformer features a low-voltage wired design and 3 options for electrical output: 8 VAC/10 VA, 16 VAC/10 VA or 24 VAC/20 VA. We recommend “wire to the 16-VAC/10VA output”

  • How do you go around it?
    To increase Wi-Fi signal strength you may consider installing a Wi-Fi repeater or Wi-Fi extender. dbell has Wi-Fi extender/booster/repeater indoor bell to extend your Wi-Fi signal
  • Do you know your Wi-Fi name and the password?
    You need to know the name of your Wi-Fi Network or SSID name and the Password. dbell works only with 2.4GHz network. Most homes/offices has either 2.4GHz network or dual band network 2.4GHz and 5GHz

We would be delighted if you buy dbell, but we will be more delighted if you have fun installing and using it. dbell is working diligently to bring the future at your doorstep.

and if you need help, we are just a phone call away (800) 944-8218. We encourage your thoughts and input on a fun install experience.

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