6.5c Pair, set up, Sync, dbell SD with your Smart device setup

Preferred method


  1. Connect dbell using LAN Cable to your Router
  2. Power dbell using supplied AC adapter, wait until you hear voice prompt from dbell
  3. Run dbell app
  4. Click ‘add doorbell’
  5. Click ‘Search’, select the search result
  6. Click ‘Done’ on the top right corner
  7. Select Setup/Gear icon
  8. Select Wi-Fi settings ( For Android select Manage Network)
  9. Select your Wi-Fi name from the list
  10. Enter your Wi-Fi password and click done


Now you can disconnect LAN cable from dbell. dbell is now ready for installation on your door, dbell will remember your Wi-Fi settings.

*Note: Multiple Smartphones can’t be connected under the same “admin” username to one dbell. To add additional user see the steps here.

Review complete App configuration Step by Step Pictorial 

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