Pairing chime

Pairing Chime with your dbell:

Pairing Chime with your dbell

Power dbell and indoor chime placing them close to each other for pairing. After pairing is successful when you disconnect indoor chime/bell from power outlet, pairing stays in the memory.

1. Select your favorite ringtone by pressing the Music button.
2. Press and hold volume button until you see the LED lights flashing – release button
3.Press dbell call button quickly while chime is in setup mode
Setup time is only 5 seconds to avoid interference
Press dbell ‘call’ button to test. If chime/bell is paired, it will ring. Once paired you can move it to your desired location.

If pairing fails, repeat the steps.

Pairing ends automatically after it is completed

Chime paired once, but lost sync afterwards: Reset to factory default

Reset/Erasing pairing memory: Press and hold Music+Volume together for 5 seconds




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