5.0 dbell Installation – quick steps

Here is a quick video for installing dbell on Wooden surface or similar:

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Important Safety Instructions

Your smart Wi-Fi video doorbell is a electronic device and care should be taken when using this low voltage electronic device. The following basic safety precautions should be taken into consideration when operating and installing this doorbell:
1. Read all instructions before using this Network Appliance
2. DO NOT attempt to install dbell in a WET condition
3. DO NOT cover or block any openings on this appliance/device
4. DO NOT submerge this product under water
5. DO NOT use corrosive chemicals in this appliance
6. Keep this appliance away from heated surfaces
7. This appliance should only be serviced by dbell or its affiliates
8. DO NOT try to open the Network appliance. There are no serviceable parts inside.
9. dbell can only be connected to a low Voltage transformer – 12~24VAC or 12VDC, 1.0 A adapter
10. DO NOT connect to High Voltage AC, this is a low voltage device.

Please read these instructions before installing dbell.


Installation Instructions
1. Remove existing doorbell
2.Check the power supply of the old doorbell using a Multimeter. Old doorbell power supply range should be between 12VAC~24VAC.

dbell Install-1
3. Place the rear mounting bracket against the wall with the old doorbell wire protruding through the large middle hole. Mark 4 mounting screw holes with a pen or a sharp punch tool. (If mounting on a masonry wall, use a masonry drill bit to pre-drill and install anchor plugs that have been supplied.)
4. Use the screws to fasten the rear bracket to the wall.



5. Connect the wires to the dbell as shown in the wiring diagram.
6. Screw the small locking screw enough to engage into the bottom of the doorbell.
7. Insert the dbell into the bracket on the wall, top end first, or from above.
8. Tighten the bottom locking screw the remaining distance to secure the dbell in place.

dbell locking Security screw

Pair app with dbell

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