07. Configure, setup, Motion Detection Alarm for dbell HD Live

Motion detection setup

  1. Open dbell HD Live app, when device is ‘online‘ Touch on ‘SETUP’
  2. Touch on ‘Alarm setting
  3. Turn on Motion detection by Tapping, not sliding
  4. Select motion detection ‘Sensitivity‘, lower the value – higher the sensitivity. 1 is most sensitive, 10 is least
  5. Turn on Alarm Mail Notification, if you want to receive email with snapshot on alarm
  6. Turn on ‘Alarmed record‘, if you want 30 second video clip to be recorded on each alarm
  7. Turn on ‘Upload image on alarm‘ if you want image to be uploaded on FTP on alarm
  8. Press ‘Done‘ to execute changes

Follow these steps to get started:

1: Touch ‘SETUP’

2: Touch ‘Alarm setting’

3: Touch Motion detection








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