How to setup dbell video doorbell

  1. Power-up dbell:

  • Power-up dbell using supplied adapter or
  • Using supplied USB cable to your phone’s USB charger
  1. Download dbell x2 app for smartphone/tablet

  • For Android download:
  • For iOS download:
  1. Launch dbell app

  • Follow on-screen setup wizard
  • If you need help, watch setup and installation video
  1. Test your dbell from app

  • Once setup is complete, test your dbell from app
  • Note: if dbell and your phone is close, there will be feedback noise. For test, your phone should be 3-4m/10-12ft away from dbell
  1. Test indoorbell ringtones

  • Plug-in dbell indoorbell to a power outlet
  • Push dbell call button. Your phone and indoorbell should ring.
  • If you want to change the ringtones on the ringer, search for “pair” on our knowledge base.
  1. Installation

  • Once you are happy with the setup, power-off dbell by disconnecting power to it.
  • Turn off power at the Fuse or Breaker panel
  • Uninstall your current doorbell push button
  • Insert 2 disconnected wires from doorbell into the dbell connectors. Pull them lightly to test they are secure.
  • Locate old indoorbell which used to ring before dbell.
  • Open the old indoorbell’s cover unit by gently pulling outward
  • Disconnect wire labelled “T” (Trans) and “F” (Front)
  • Twist the ends of T & F together with wire nuts.
  • Turn ON the breaker panel
  • It will take approx. 1 min. for dbell to start operating.
  1. Final Test

  • Push dbell call button. Your smartphone/Tablet and dbell indoorbell should ring.
  • If app doesn’t ring, check wifi signal strength. Search for “signal strength” in dbell knowledge base.

Congratulations – you have completed your setup and installation successfully!


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