How do I pair dbell with new Router

If you are going to upgrade or change the router, but keeping the same SSID and password, dbell will work with the new router without having to redo the setup.

If you are changing the SSID or password of your Network or for any other reason if dbell doesn’t work with the new Router, please follow the simple steps below:

  1. Reset dbell
  2. Setup new router
  3. ‘Delete’ dbell from dbell app (Edit >> Delete)
  4. Pair dbell with your app again. Add device >> One-Touch setup >> Follow the app instructions

1. How to Reset dbell:
You can reset dbell in 3 different ways:

  1. Reset dbell HD live from app: (when dbell is online)
  2. Reset dbell HD Live from Browser: (when dbell is online)
  3. Hard Reset dbell HD Live: (when dbell is offline)
  4. Call Tech support to reset dbell

1. Reset dbell HD live from app: (when dbell is online)

  • Open dbell HD live app
  • When device is online >>Go to Setup >>Tap “Restore factory default or Reset”

2. Reset dbell HD Live from Browser: (when dbell is online)

  1. Type dbell IP address in the browser address bar, example, where is the IP address, 81 is the port. To Find dbell IP > Go to ‘Setup’ >> ‘Network Info’
  2. When asked for Authentication, type User name:  and Password.
  3. Select “Videostream mode” if your default browser is Chrome, Firefox or Safari
  4. Select WRENCH icon to access dbell HD live ‘System settings’
  5. Go to menu ‘User & Device manager
  6. Click ‘Maintain
  7. Click ‘Restore Factory Settings
  8. Do not close Browser, Wait until the countdown process is complete
  9. Sync dbell with app using One-Touch setup or LAN Search

3. Hard Reset dbell HD Live: (when dbell is offline)

  1. Unplug indoor bell from power outlet
  2. Now Press and hold the call button until you hear “RESET SUCCESSFUL”, time varies with firmware ver. Use the stop watch on your smartphone to keep track of time. It could be 90 seconds to 333 seconds.
  3. Once reset is successful, dbell will reboot. Wait until the booting process is compete (approx. 55 seconds)
  4. Open dbell app. Sync dbell with app using One-Touch setup

4. Call Tech support to reset dbell

Call us at  (800) 944 8218 or 1 (905) 582 8755. (9am – 9pm EST)

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