dbell doesn’t work using existing doorbell power

You can use the following steps if you encounter any of the scenario:

Possible cause:

  1. dbell power up using AC/DC adapter but it doesn’t power up using existing doorbell low voltage power
  2. Upon dbell power connection using existing doorbell power supply a humming noise comes from dbell speaker or humming noise is also coming from existing doorbell chime
  3. You have Front and Back doorbell buttons, you are replacing Front Doorbell push button with dbell and keeping the rear/side doorbell push button.
  4. Upon dbell installation, it power’s up but you are unable to answer the call. Whenever you try to answer the call dbell reboots.
  5. When you check the wired doorbell transformer it reads 8V-5VA or 24V-20VA.

Suggested solution: Required transformer rating is 16V-10VA.

How do I know my transformer rating?
Find the wired doorbell transformer, it will have the rating shown beside low voltage terminal

Where can I find the transformer in my home?
The transformer could be located in the attic above the chime, in the basement or crawlspace, at the electrical panel/breaker box or in a closet adjacent to the chime location.

Where can I purchase a new or replacement transformer with 16V 10VA rating?
Transformers are available at hardware stores in the same aisle as the door chimes.

Step-1: Locate your existing doorbell Chime. Turn off the doorbell power supply from the breaker panel.


Step-2: Open Existing doorbell Chime cover. Please consult your doorbell manufacturer’s documentation to find out if it is connected to a low voltage transformer. Most of the indoor chime cover has small tab to hold them in place. Please follow the manufacturer’s instruction to open it. In most cases it will open when you pull it.


Step-3: Disconnect existing low voltage doorbell chimes wires labelled Front and Common or 1 & 2


Step-4: Join existing doorbell low voltage common and Front labelled wires together and secure using a marrette.


Step-5: Close the existing doorbell chime cover.

Now connect dbell to your existing doorbell wires, it should power up and greet/welcome you.

If the blue light on dbell doesn’t turn on, you may have a defective doorbell transformer.

If dbell powers up using supplied AC adapter then existing doorbell transformer is defective. You may consider replacing old defective doorbell transformer or you may consult an electrician.


How do I wire my transformer to the 120VAC supply wires?

WARNING: Turn power off at circuit breaker or fuse box.

Electrical work must be in accordance with national and local electrical codes. If you are in doubt, consult a qualified electrician.

Your transformer will have one green wire, one black wire and one white wire.

Connect the Transformer Green Wire to your house ground wire (green or bare copper).
Connect the Transformer Black Wire to your House Black Wire.
Connect the Transformer White Wire to your House White Wire.

How to resolve hum issue in dbell installation

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