dbell HD Live App setup quick guide

Download and install “dbell HD Live” app from the app store. Power-up dbell, wait for dbell to start and welcome you. dbell is now in quick configuration mode, light around dbell button will be flashing.

dbell app uses sound wave to send encrypted Wi-Fi information to your dbell unit.

For successful setup make sure:
– Smartphone/tablet is close to dbell, less than 1m or 3ft
– iPhone ring/silent toggle on the top of the left edge of the phone is flipped to ring (not displaying a red dot)
– Do not use phone to make/receive a call in setup mode
– Disconnect Headphone prior to setup
– Disconnect hearing aid for setup period only
– Your phone/tablet is connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
– Setup should be done in a quiet environment
– Phone ‘do not disturb’ mode should be off

  1. Open dbell HD Live app, Tap → ‘Add Device
  2. Tap  → ‘One Touch
  3. Enter you  → ‘WiFi password‘ carefully
  4. Tap ‘Start‘: auto configuration will start, please wait until complete

If your WiFi password was entered correctly, dbell will connect to WiFi and announce setup successful  → Press the doorbell found if nothing is visible, re-try the One-Touch setup or follow LAN search process.

Now its time to install dbell HD Live at your door, Please go to Outdoor Installation

If you still have issue, Please go to Troubleshooting Steps


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