7.4 Customizing Setup

To begin Customizing your Doorbell and its Setup, first open the dbell app.

Once opened, click on the gear icon beside the Doorbell which you would like to customize. Then click on the bar reading System Settings on the Top. Once on the System Settings Screen, there are 5 customizable features:

15Allows you to turn On or Off the Audio Voice Prompts that the Doorbell does. Default is on.

Configuration mode: Here is where you can turn On or Off the Network Configuration Mode for the Doorbell, for added security. Default is On.

Monitor max time: This allows you to adjust how long you would be able to monitor the live stream from the Doorbell before it auto disconnects if you had somehow forgotten to yourself, to save battery. Remember, 300 Seconds is 5 Minutes.

Conversation max time: This allows you to adjust how long you would be able to chat with your visitor before the Doorbell auto disconnects, say if you had answered the call and left your Smartphone to run to the Door, and forgot about it later. Again, to save battery.

Call wait max time: Here you are able to adjust how long you would like your Smartphone and Doorbell to ring before your Smartphone auto-rejects the call and the Doorbell announces “Sorry, no one is answering. Please try again or visit us later”. (If Voice Prompts are On). Default is 10 Seconds

For both Monitor max time and Conversation max time, the range is 10 Seconds to 300 Seconds, and for the Call wait max time, the range is 10 to 60 Seconds

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