6.3 Create Access Point

dbell_white wfingerIn order to Set Up and Manage your dbell for the first time, it’s necessary to turn it into an Access Point with its own SSID so that you can connect to it.

This is done by first powering up the Doorbell. Once power is applied, wait until you hear the prompt “Welcome to Smart Home”. The Doorbell is now ready to setup.

*If you plan to have the Doorbell connected to your network by wired LAN, skip the next step

To begin Setup, Press and hold the ‘Call’ button until you hear the prompt “Network Configuration Mode, Please Complete Setup in 5 Minutes”. Release the ‘Call’ button. The Ring around the call button starts flashing in setup mode.

*Note: The Doorbell will automatically stop broadcasting it’s own SSID 5 minutes after the prompt “Network Configuration Mode” or when setup completes successfully, whichever comes first.

The Access Point has now been created, please follow the steps to Connect to the Access Point.

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