6.4 Connect to the Access Point


Once the Access Point is created, you must Connect to it. 

Do this by first going to your device Settings, and then Wi-Fi Settings. As long as you are within the 5 minute window given to the Network Configuration Mode, You should see your Doorbell with its SSID being BELL followed by your Doorbells Unique 6 Digit ID, e.g., BELL-XXXXXX

Click to Connect. The Password for your Doorbell is 123456789.

*Note: This Password can only be used to access the Doorbell during Network Configuration Mode, which can be turned off once the Doorbell is Successfully paired with your Smartphone, for added security. (Customizing Setup)

Now you are connected to the Doorbell temporarily for however much time remains on the 5 minute window in Network Configuration Mode. Use this time to Connect the Doorbell to your Home or Office Network, which will be permanent until powered off or set to Connect to a different Network.

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