7.7 Configure, set up, Motion Detection Alarm for dbell SD

dbell Wi-Fi smart video doorbell has a motion detector which can be activated from the App. Once activated, the Motion Sensor will send an alarm to your paired Smartphone/Tablet upon motion detection.



  1. Select ‘Setup’ or Gear Icon















dbell Alarm-2


2. Select ‘Alarm Settings’















dbell alarm-3


3. Select ‘On’ to turn on Motion Detection Alarm

















4. Select ‘Motion detection’

Other two options PIR and Motion detection + PIR is for future release, please DO NOT USE THEM, MOTION DETECTION WILL NOT WORK.















5. Set Sensitivity level. Lower the number higher the sensitivity.

If 1 is selected, sensitivity is set to Highest, not recommended.

Is 3 is selected, sensitivity is set to Medium, recommended.















6. Set ‘Delay time’. Delay time determines how long should the system wait until the alarm is triggered.

You can adjust the Delay time, thereby having the alarm sound only after prolonged activity in front of the Doorbell or within its view, and set a time frame for when the alarm will sound too.














7. You can set the time when the alarm should be activated. For example, for office environment it may be good practice to arm the system for Night time when no one is expected.

To avoid false alarms, only activate the alarm when you are not expecting anyone, for example, for office, from midnight to Sunrise














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