Can dbell Wi-Fi video doorbell camera be used as an alternative surveillance camera?

Yes, dbell video doorbell camera provides the facility to access and view live image from the camera using your  iOS, Android device, PC program, all Browsers. It provides quick surveillance facility, ability to integrate with NVR, record 24/7 to NVR in your own privacy and security, upload to FTP/Cloud, record to PC HDD, email alert with snapshot. We recommend to integrate dbell HD Live with ONVIF compatible NVR for 24/7 recording of footage and greater surveillance benefits.

Security camera’s are generally connected to a DVR or NVR. Security camera records every movement within its viewable perimeter. We recommend your doorbell to be connected to NVR to capture footage also. Generally Security camera’s are monitored. You can have your dbell also monitored by a professional security company or you can self-monitor or set it up to record to a NVR 24/7.


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