11. View dbell from a TV

To view dbell HD Live stream from TV there are two options:

  1. On a smart TV type dbell HD Live IP address on a browser address bar and view dbell on your TV screen
  2. View dbell on any TV via a NVR

The instructions are based on ONVIF compatible NVR. For your particular NVR it could be a little bit different setup, but the process is similar to adding an IP camera to the NVR

  1. In app go to SETUP>> Network Info >>> Write down the dbell IP address
  2. Go to your NVR setup screen, follow the NVR instructions on adding IP camera
  3. Select add IP camera
  4. Enter the dbell IP address found on Step-1
  5. Select ONVIF protocol, Port # 10080

Press OK.
dbell HD Live is added to your NVR.

NVR setup guide1=> Follow your NVR documentation to add an IP camera to your NVR

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