Knowing your HD Live App: home page

1 Sync dbell with app 2 Edit  dbell login credentials 3 To refresh dbell connection 4  dbell Home page 5 Access all pictures and videos taken by dbell 6 Change to Camera view for dbell 7 Change to doorbell view for dbell 8 Online help video 9 About dbell app, […]

How to setup email

Show Tell Print Email setup using Gmail:   Email setup using Gmail: 1. Sender: your Gmail eMail address 2. SMTP server: 3. SMTP port: 465 4. Authentication: Yes 5. Encryption: TLS 6. SMTP user name: your Gmail eMail address 7. SMTP password: your Gmail eMail password Receiver1: The email address you want to receive email, […]

Android app update Notice

New Android app with Push Notification is released today. This new update allows Android users to close the dbell app and still receive the call. When Android devices are in sleep mode or the app is not running, Android device will ring. Users are required to accept the push notification […]

Where is the camera id? What is the bell id?

Camera ID or QR code is at the back of the dbell There are 3 different ways to enter/type camera ID when adding a dbell to your app: Use the feature ‘Search’ Recommended method Use the feature ‘Scan QR’ code Manually enter P2P ID at the Bell ID field See […]

Fixing Insufficient Voltage or Current

Fixing Insufficient voltage/current issues dbell SD, dbell HD+ requires 12 to 24VAC. Wired doorbell transformer with Input: 120VAC – Output: 16VAC-10VA provides sufficient power for the doorbell to operate. 8VAC-10VA is insufficient,  24VAC-20VA is excess or over. dbell HD Live requires 10 to 24VAC. Wired doorbell transformer with Input: 120VAC – Output: 16V-10VA […]

MAC filtering

MAC address filtering allows you to define a list of devices and only allow those devices on your Wi-Fi network.  If MAC filtering is enabled, add dbell MAC address to the MAC filter list.

5GHz band Wi-Fi

dbell™ works with 2.4GHz band only. If your Smart device ( Tablet or Smartphone ) is connected to the 5GHz band, your dbell status will remain ‘Offline. Connect your device to 2.4GHz band Wi-Fi.