11. View dbell from a TV

To view dbell HD Live stream from TV there are two options: On a smart TV type dbell HD Live IP address on a browser address bar and view dbell on your TV screen View dbell on any TV via a NVR The instructions are based on ONVIF compatible NVR. […]

04. How to add dbell to other user(s) device

How to add dbell to other user(s) device  Add dbell to other devices: slide show Add dbell to other devices: step by step 1 Download and open dbell HD live app on other user(s) device Tap Add device 2 Tap LAN search 3 Tap on the dbell Found 4   In the user name: Type […]

05. How to add additional user in dbell HD Live

How to add User 1 When dbell status is online, Touch SETUP 2 Touch on User setting 3 In the OPERATOR section type a User name Turn on Show password and Type a password for the operator account Touch Done. dbell HD Live will restart 4 How to add dbell on Operator’s device Tap Add device 5 Tap LAN search […]

Onetouch setup troubleshooting

One-Touch setup is designed for initial setup. One-Touch setup is designed to work only on the first device. Once the device is setup on a network using One-Touch setup, it will not work anymore. For 2nd or subsequent device setup, use LAN Search If One-touch (onetouch) setup fails, please check […]

01. dbell HD live app setup

One-Touch setup is designed for First time setup only. Use LAN search for subsequent devices One-Touch setup video and Slide show One-Touch Setup is our recommended way to setup dbell HD Live when using Wi-Fi One-Touch setup uses sound to pass on Wi-Fi information to the dbell video doorbell (it’s highly secure), that’s why […]

Cloud storage options

Cloud Storage Options If you decide cloud storage is something you want to integrate into your dbell, there are several different free options to consider. Offsite NVR: You can stream video directly from your dbell HD Live over the internet to an NVR located off-site for video storage. The NVR […]

How to Reset dbell HD Live to factory default

If you forgot the password, added a new Wi-Fi access point or replaced your router or for any other reason if you need to RESET dbell to factory default, follow one of the method depending on if your dbell is online or offline Method-1: Reset dbell HD live from app: […]

10. How to connect dbell HD Live to a NVR

The instructions are based on ONVIF compatible NVR. For your particular NVR it could be slightly different, but the process is similar to adding an IP camera to the NVR (Network Video Recorder) Find the dbell IP address, dbell app go to Setup >>Network info >> Write down the dbell […]

9. How to view dbell HD Live from a Browser

It is easy to view the dbell HD live’s Camera from any Browser(s): For Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari type the dbell HD lives IP address on the Browser’s address bar with Port number 81. For example, if the IP address of the dbell is, then Type Enter […]


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