How to delete images?

To Delete images/videos follow the steps: 1 Touch Messages On the dbell HD Live app, bottom menu is Messages   2 Select your dbell If you have multiple dbells select the one you want to work with.  3 Press Manage Press Top Menu Manage   4 Touch on the images/videos you would […]

How to save image or video to gallery

Transfer images or videos to gallery on iOS devices. For Android images/videos are saved on gallery by default Step 1 Touch Messages On the dbell HD Live app, bottom menu is Messages Step 2 Select your dbell If you have multiple dbells select the one you want to work with. Step 3 Press […]

How to show dbell on Touch screen using RTSP URL

RTSP Source URL Syntax dbell uses the RTSP real-time video streaming protocol for streaming the video. How can I find the correct RTSP URL for my dbell? The format of the RTSP streaming is: rtsp://[username]:[password]@[ip_address]:[rtsp_port]/server_URL rtsp://username:password@192.168.X.XXX:10554/tcp/av0_0 ip_address The server’s IP address rtsp_port RTSP port number [10554] on which the server is […]

Viewing multiple dbell on the same screen

If you have multiple dbell or if you want to view 4 dbell on a single screen live, you can view all of them live on a single screen. When you are on camera mode, just swipe your finger to reveal the control  Step-1 Tap ‘Camera’  Step-2 Tap video to […]

11. View dbell from a TV

To view dbell Live/X2 video stream on TV, there are few options: Smart TV Running Android OS TV with Amazon fireTV stick TV with a browser TV connected to an NVR (Network Video Recorder) 1. To view your dbell live stream on any smart TV Running Android OS Download and […]

04. How to add dbell to other user(s) device

How to add dbell to other user(s) device  Add dbell to other devices: slide show Add dbell to other devices: step by step 1 Download and open dbell HD live app on other user(s) device Tap Add device 2 Tap LAN search 3 Tap on the dbell Found 4   In the user name: Type […]

05. How to add additional user in dbell HD Live

How to add User 1 When dbell status is online, Touch SETUP 2 Touch on User setting 3 In the OPERATOR section type a User name Turn on Show password and Type a password for the operator account Touch Done. dbell HD Live will restart 4 How to add dbell on Operator’s device Tap Add device 5 Tap LAN search […]

Onetouch setup troubleshooting

One-Touch setup is designed for initial setup. One-Touch setup is designed to work only on the first device. Once the device is setup on a network using One-Touch setup, it will not work anymore. For 2nd or subsequent device setup, use LAN Search If One-touch (onetouch) setup fails, please check […]

01. dbell HD live app setup

One-Touch setup is designed for First time setup only. Use LAN search for subsequent devices One-Touch setup video and Slide show One-Touch Setup is our recommended way to setup dbell HD Live when using Wi-Fi One-Touch setup uses sound to pass on Wi-Fi information to the dbell video doorbell (it’s highly secure), that’s why […]

Cloud storage options

Cloud Storage Options If you decide cloud storage is something you want to integrate into your dbell, there are several different free options to consider. Offsite NVR: You can stream video directly from your dbell HD Live over the internet to an NVR located off-site for video storage. The NVR […]