Assign static IP address to dbell HD live

How to assign static IP address to dbell HD Live: Method-1: Set Static IP for dbell HD Live from Browser: A. Type dbell IP address in any browser’s address bar, example, where is the IP address, 81 is the fixed port. To Find dbell IP address from your app > Go to ‘Setup’ […]

Adding dbell to Surveillance Station (Synology NVR)

IP adrress: dbell IP address [Open dbell HD Live app >> Go to ‘Setup’ >> Tap ‘Network info’] Port: 10544 Brand: Select [User Define] Source path: /tcp/av0_0 user: admin password: your secure dbell password. Video format: H.264 On the camera’s web interface or app interface, remember to enable ONVIF and […]

I have forgotten my dbell HD live password

If you have forgotten your dbell HD Live password, there are few ways you can try to recover the password: Scenario 1: You get user name password error and can’t access the dbell as admin If you have more than one device in your household with admin credentials, check if […]

How to Disable Wi-Fi in dbell HD live

If you do not want to use Wi-Fi and want to disable Wi-Fi feature of dbell, please follow the steps: Method 1: Do not configure Wi-Fi, then dbell won’t use Wi-Fi. Method 2: Access dbell using web interface Select Network Configuration Select Wireless LAN settings Disable “Using Wireless LAN” Press […]

Power dbell HD Live via PoE

At this time dbell HD Live doesn’t support direct PoE but you can use a PoE splitter to power up dbell if you have Ethernet cable at the door. You can use any 5V 2A PoE splitter to power up dbell HD live. One of the model tested to work […]

How to update dbell HD Live firmware

How to Update Firmware 1 When dbell status is online, Touch SETUP 2 Touch on Firmware Update 3 Press Update Firmware dbell will RESTART UPON FIRMWARE UPDATE Please wait until you hear Welcome, DO NOT TURN OFF Power to dbell. If you experience any problems, please contact us for further support.

How to Reset dbell HD+ to factory settings

To Reset dbell HD+, please look at the back of the doorbell where it says, “RESET”. You will need a ‘paper clip’ if you lost he RESET KEY came in the dbell package. dbell should be powered on while you perform the reset operation. Connect power to dbell, wait until you […]