dbell Installation Preparation

Before you begin the dbell Wi-Fi doorbell installation process, we recommend you perform a power on self-test, to do so: Power up dbell using supplied power adapter Wait for the dbell to start and greet you Download ‘dbell app’ based on your dbell model and complete setup If everything works as […]

How to change the admin password in dbell SD?

To change the Admin password, Open dbell App and follow the steps below: Select Setup Select ‘Approved list settings’ Select ‘Edit’ Type New Password and Select ‘Confirm’ How to use the New Password Select ‘Edit’ from dbell app main page. Select the doorbell name you like to change the password […]

How to Reset dbell SD to factory settings

To Reset dbell SD please look at the back of the doorbell where it says, “RESET”. You will need a ‘paper clip’. dbell should be powered on. Connect power to dbell, wait until you hear the announcement ‘Welcome to smart home’ Remove the seal ‘RESET’ Insert a Paper clip through […]

8.0 Troubleshooting Tips

Trouble Possible Cause Corrective Action dbell stays Offline  View Solution dbell audio is not clear Wi-Fi signal strength is below 50% or too low 1. Connect dbell using LAN cable or 2. Increase Wi-Fi signal strength by adding a Wi-Fi Extender to your Network. 3. Check Network download and upload speed. […]

So much freedom!

Even if you’ve spent the last 10 years living in a remote mountain area, you are probably aware of the enormous range of new products designed to make your home life better. Right from the freedom afforded by wireless home phones to the point now where you don’t even need a […]

Pre-installation Checklist

Before you begin the installation process, we recommend you perform a power on self-test, to do so: Step 1: Power up dbell using the included power adapter Step 2: Wait for the dbell to power up and greet you Step 3: Configure the dbell If everything works as per the instructions, […]

About Us

We are born from custom Home Automation industry. Most of our clients home’s are very expensive luxurious home. We design, engineer, install and service Custom Home Automation Systems. In our custom home design most of the times we had video doorbell which will integrate with the phone systems and centralized video distribution […]